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Tesla buyers are asking for better communications over messy Model S deliveries - Electrek.co

Last updated Friday, August 6, 2021 03:00 ET , Source: NewsService

Tesla buyers who ordered the new Model S are circulating a letter to ask for better communications around Model S deliveries, which are currently quite messy, for a lack of a better word.

In January, Tesla stopped delivering Model S vehicles as it introduced a new version of the sedan with a new powertrain and updated interior.

The automaker was supposed to start deliveries of the new version in the coming weeks, but it was delayed on several occasions.

Tesla kept taking new orders for the Model S during that time, and finally Tesla started deliveries with a launch event on June 10.

Buyers who place orders during that time, many of whom were previous Tesla owners, knew to expect some delays and didn’t complain much to Tesla.

But once Tesla started deliveries, things started moving and Tesla started giving out delivery dates and even VIN numbers to those buyers, so they started taking care of financing, selling their previous vehicles, and all the other logistics you need to take care of based on that delivery date.

Over the last few weeks, Electrek has received several reports from Model S buyers stuck in a messy delivery process for the new Model S.

Those buyers are seeing their delivery dates jump around in a way that makes no sense.

In some more worrying cases, several Tesla Model S buyers received the VIN numbers of their new cars, which enabled them to get their insurance and financing and generally means that Tesla is almost done producing their vehicles, but the...

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