Monday, September 20, 2021

GT Voice: Accusation against Huawei won't affect China-Pakistan economic cooperation - Global Times

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Accusation by a US-based contractor that Chinese tech giant Huawei had set up a "backdoor" to spy on Pakistanis has drawn growing attention with the political implications behind the scene.
California-based contractor Business Efficiency Solutions LLC (BES) filed a lawsuit in California district court accusing Huawei of not only stealing its technology, but also of creating a "backdoor" in a safe-cities surveillance project located in Pakistan's second largest city of Lahore, The Wall Street Journal reported.
BES said in the lawsuit that Huawei required it to set up a system in China that gives Huawei access to sensitive information about citizens and government officials in Lahore, but Huawei claimed that the system in China was only a test version and it is "impossible for Huawei to extract data from the customer's live network," according to the WSJ report.
The US has long accused Huawei of installing backdoors in its systems, but Huawei always denied the allegations, citing the absence of any evidence of Huawei using backdoors to spy on other countries. The lawsuit this time may represent a rare example that involves specific project and companies when it comes to the backdoor allegation. However, given the complicated geopolitical background, it is hard to tell whether the allegations raised by BES are based on business disputes or whether they have an ulterior motive.
It should be noted that Huawei and BES also sued each other in Pakistan, and BES is reportedly no...

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