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Tesla, Volta are EV owners' top picks for charging away from home, JD Power finds - CNBC

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Tesla Supercharger Station

CNBC | Andrew Evers

Tesla, Volta and ChargePoint stations topped the list in J.D. Power’s first-ever survey on electric vehicle charging options for U.S. drivers of plug-in hybrids and battery-electrics away from home.

The global analytics company’s 2021 U.S. Electric Vehicle Experience Public Charging Study surveyed 6,647 owners of battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles from January through June. It said public charging availability in the U.S. varies regionally but is still one of the least satisfying aspects of owning an electric vehicle.

Customers were asked about ease of use, charging speed, cost of charging, ease of payment, how easy it was to locate a charging station, the convenience and cleanliness of each location, things to do while charging, how safe they felt at a given public charging location, and whether or not chargers were available when needed.

The survey found that U.S. EV owners are frustrated by a lack of options. Where they do have access to public charging stations, EV owners were most commonly vexed by out of service chargers and long lines, the survey found.

“Owners are reasonably happy in situations where public charging is free, doesn’t require a wait and the location offers other things to do — but that represents a best-case scenario,” J.D. Power’s Brent Gruber said. “The industry needs to make significant investment in public charging to assure a level of...

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