Tuesday, September 21, 2021

A Comment About Tesla's AI Day: Have You Ever?! - InsideEVs

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Everything you may want to know about Tesla's AI Day in less than 20 minutes.

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Have you ever—EVER!!!—watched a public presentation from a major automobile company that wasn’t sales and marketing associated with a specific vehicle?

Source: Tesla

Have you ever—EVER!!!—observed a major automobile company do a public presentation that went into heavy technical detail about the systems that it uses to build its cars?

Have you ever—EVER!!!—seen a major automobile company develop its own computing technology—from the chip level up—so that it can build better cars?

Have you ever—EVER!!!—seen a major automobile company publicly discuss a pivotal proprietary software architecture that will: (1) give them a disruptive advantage over their competitors, and (2) lead to level 4 and 5 autonomous driving over the long term—a sea change in automotive culture at levels we still can’t fully comprehend.

Have you ever—EVER!!!—encountered an automotive CEO who not only can talk intelligently about technical detail, but drives the engineering work that leads to significant leaps in technology.

Well … you have now.


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