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How to make good content that will improve your SEO - B2B Marketing Online

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Google is constantly re-evaluating its algorithm to make sure it's putting the best websites in front of the user. In recent years, the expertise, authority, and trust of a website has become increasingly more significant, and a great way to demonstrate these principles is through content. Charlotte explains how to create content that will improve your website's SEO.

There’s no trickery to SEO. What with all the crawlers, algorithms, and canonicals; the concept might seem like a complex web of trouble. But actually, getting the content of your website right is just plain common sense.

Google algorithms use a complex measuring system in order to rank web pages based on their relevance to a particular set of keywords. Historically, SEO-ers have worked tactically to combat the system; analysing the competition to compare keyword density, crawlability and content structure for hidden clues as to its success. And yes – whilst these are relevant approaches, mine has always been a more relaxed one.

I prefer to treat Google as you might treat a toddler, just learning the question ‘why?’

  • Why is this content relevant?
  • Why do users care?
  • Why should they come to you for the answers?

Why, why, why…

Google is NOT complicated. Google just wants to understand what makes you the expert in your chosen subject matter. It just wants to connect the dots. But it can’t do that without your guidance – much like a small child can’t understand the complexity of the world without it being...

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