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Tesla's Dojo is impressive, but it won't transform supercomputing - TechRepublic

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Tesla's AI Day event included the reveal of several new potential products, and while bipedal robots are exciting (if perhaps a bit unrealistic), the real news to follow is the reveal of Tesla's new in-house designed supercomputer, called Dojo.

To call Dojo a full-fledged supercomputer is a bit generous, though: It hasn't been fully assembled yet, and its potential performance limits have yet to be tested. What Tesla promises, though, is nothing short of a supercomputing breakthrough.

The most powerful supercomputer in the world, Fugaku, lives at the RIKEN Center for Computational Science in Japan. At its tested limit it is capable of 442,010 teraflops (TFLOP) per second, and theoretically it could perform up to 537,212 TFLOPs per second. Dojo, Tesla said, could end up being capable of breaking the exaflop barrier, something that no supercomputing company, university or government has been capable of doing.

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Putting that claim in perspective means understanding the scale and capabilities of Dojo and other supercomputers.

First, Dojo is designed to do one particular thing: train artificial intelligence. Tesla is building Dojo for use in-house, processing video data from the millions of Tesla vehicles on the road. Dojo is built on Tesla's D1 chip, the second the company has designed. The chip is built using seven-nanometer technology and is independently capable of 362 TFLOPs per second.

Dojo chips don't operate...

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