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Tesla Is Slowly Cutting Into Pharmaceutical & Health Insurance Costs - CleanTechnica

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There are so many industries that Tesla is affecting — threatening even. There are a couple that don’t get much thought or attention, though. Although Tesla doesn’t make medicines or cure diseases, it is also having a growing effect on the pharmaceutical industry and the health insurance industry here in America.

Dementia & Air Pollution

Inhabitat has reported that fine particulate air pollution (PM2.5) has been linked to increased dementia risk. In a study that looked at data from two long-running studies in the Seattle area, researchers from the University of Washington discovered that high levels of PM2.5 in the environment corresponded with a greater risk of dementia.

Rachel Shaffer, who was the lead author, said, “We found that an increase of 1 microgram per cubic meter of exposure corresponded to a 16% greater hazard of all-cause dementia. There was a similar association for Alzheimer’s-type dementia.”

“We know dementia develops over a long period of time. It takes years – even decades – for these pathologies to develop in the brain, and so we needed to look at exposures that covered that extended period,” Shaffer also said.

Covid-19 & Air Pollution

It was also identified last year that higher Covid-19 death rates were linked to higher levels of PM2.5. An author of the report said, “we now know that exposure to fine particulate matter puts American people at risk to die from COVID, in addition to everything else we know about the harmful effects of fine...

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