Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Tesla Plaid Drags Stock and 1200-HP Built Mustang GT500, Is It Enough for Shelby? - autoevolution

Last updated Friday, August 27, 2021 03:27 ET , Source: NewsService

With the Tesla Model S Plaid, it’s already a question of who gets that fraction of a second faster than other owners to secure the quarter-mile record. The rest of the ICE world is there just for fun, or to present an aftermarket challenge.

DragTimes’ Brooks Weisblat is one of the most notorious Tesla Model S Plaid owners from the YouTube world. The famous vlogger currently has a best-of-time with the EV of 9.246 seconds on the quarter-mile, and he recently made a few subtle changes to see if he can improve on that.

More precisely, the Plaid was shod in a new set of 20-inch wheels and the front tires have expanded to 285 while the rear ones have reached a 305 width. Just to put that into perspective, he says the new alloys save eight pounds (3.62 kg) per wheel at the front and another 12 pounds (5.44) each in the rear.

Sure, a test pass is always an eye-opener (see it from the 2:45 mark). But the 9.26s ET (at 91% SoC) isn’t as glorious when it’s done alone. Luckily, Tim Burton (aka Shmee150) was in town with his very lime-green Ford Mustang GT500 and agreed to meet up for a friendly confrontation. A couple of races were set up from the 5:20 mark, but we already know the Plaid will eat up a stock Shelby for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all at once.

So, the results speak for themselves: 9.3s and 9.32s (with dwindling SoC, the times will get slightly worse for each pass) for the Plaid, against Shmee’s glorious-sounding Mustang that nailed 10.93s and 10.89s ETs. Now, with a...

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