Friday, September 17, 2021

Fan Creates Mind-Blowing Thor Cosplay With Tesla Coil Lightning - GameRant

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There's something special about those cosplayers who go the extra mile. Whether it involves a convincing weapon replica or perhaps a Ciri cosplay made with real leather from scratch, that little surplus of effort lends a nice seasoning of authenticity to what is already a remarkable piece of art. But what happens when going the extra mile involves actual literal lightning? Well, apparently they get some actual literal lightning, as seen with this Thor fan.

A fan wanted to create a cosplay that would impress Thor himself, and if he was going to pull it off, nothing less than a force of nature would suffice. Well, maybe a force of science would have to do. So he built his own hammer, draped himself in chainmail, and let the good times roll. The God of Thunder himself would probably settle for nothing less, to be fair.

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Reddit user and Cleveland inventor Ian Charnas put a ton of effort into the whole affair, refusing to stop at a simple well-made outfit. It's one thing to create an accurate Thor (or Lady Thor) cosplay and enhance it with some visual effects afterward. But it's another entirely to make some real practical lightning. Holding aloft his custom hammer, the whole piece brimmed with electricity from 2 giant Tesla coils flanking the hopefully extremely cautious cosplayer.

Luckily, Charnas was nice enough to also post a video of his process, from the metal used to sculpt the hammer itself...

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