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Can't wait to get your hands on Tesla Cybertruck? Make way for Plybertruck - HT Auto

Last updated Sunday, August 29, 2021 01:25 ET , Source: NewsService

Though Tesla has confirmed that its Cybertruck's production has been pushed to 2022, the fascination and longing that it has created amongst people to own one are significant. Apart from the technical specs of the Tesla Cybertruck, its stainless steel body not only kept its audience in awe when unveiled but also looks like an electric vehicle out of a sci-fi movie.

Taking inspiration from it, a replica of the body of Tesla's highly-anticipated electric pickup truck with wood has been made, and Tesla fans can't seem to keep calm. Named as Plybertruck, this replica has been created by CJ Cromwell, said a report by Carscoops. Before making the name official, it was being given clever nicknames like Cedartruck, Cyberchuck and Model Tree.

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This replica has been made to compete in the Gambler 500 rally which is an 805 km navigation rally where the competitors’ vehicles have a limited purchase cost of $500. However, the competition does provide its participants with leniency to spend whatever they want on either modification or tuning the cars as per their likes after meeting the $500 cost cap. The car beneath the Plybertruck's wooden exterior is a first-generation Acura MDX, stated the report.

Though not electric like the Cybertruck, this wooden replica has successfully garnered netizens' attention. Comments such as impressive recreation and one going to the extent of saying that this wooden model might...

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