Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Interview with Sadaffe Abid, CEO & Founder - CIRCLE Pakistan. - Business Recorder

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“Internet and digital literacy are basic human rights today” Sadaffe Abid is the Founder & CEO of CIRCLE working on women’s economic empowerment through technology, entrepreneurship and leadership development. CIRCLE is recognized as a Microsoft for Startup for using technology to solve pressing challenges. Sadaffe is an advocate for women’s advancement, tech and financial inclusion. She is a former CEO of the Kashf Foundation. She conducts leadership development programs in the region, particularly to grow women leaders. Sadaffe chairs the Inclusive Development Committee of National Bank of Pakistan and is Vice Chairperson of Pakistan Microfinance Network. She is also a former adviser to Dell Women Entrepreneurship Network (DWEN). She completed her master’s at the Harvard Kennedy School, Advanced Management Program at INSEAD and her B.A. at Mount Holyoke College. Following are the edited transcripts of a recent conversation BR Research had with Sadaffe Abid that revolved around CIRLCE’s key initiative, She Loves Tech and the impact it has been able to create over the years: BR Research: One of the main initiatives of Circle has been She Loves Tech. What has been its contribution to the startup ecosystem especially for women entrepreneurs? Sadaffe Abid: She Loves Tech has stood the test of time in the sense that it’s our fifth year. It is the world’s largest women startup competition, and Pakistan has the honor to be a part of it for 5 years, which I believe is a...

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