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Tesla Model Y: How Is Build Quality Improving Amid Crazy Demand? - InsideEVs

Last updated Sunday, August 29, 2021 08:11 ET , Source: NewsService

Tesla is known for having inconsistencies with fit and finish. Is the Model Y's build quality getting better?

The Electric Man has been keeping his eyes on Tesla Model Y build quality and fit and finish for many months. He doesn't simply look at one random car, but rather, he travels to a Tesla Service Center, car delivery center, or a showroom to take a look at a consistent list of aspects related to multiple cars.

As you may remember, the Tesla Model 3 had early issues with build quality, but Tesla was able to make the necessary improvements. Today, we don't hear much about issues with Model 3 fit and finish. Now, most accounts of Tesla's build quality concerns are related to the Model Y crossover.

Some folks will tell you that Tesla's vehicles have terrible fit and finish. Others claim that the worst quality issues are on just a handful of vehicles, though images and information about those vehicles gets shared around to make people assume all Tesla vehicles suffer from poor build quality.

We can probably agree that there's no way every single Tesla suffers from horrible fit and finish. We can also probably agree that there are certainly Model Y's with subpar build quality. It's probably safest to say that Tesla has inconsistencies related to build quality, and while some cars may suffer from fit and finish issues that are worse than those seen in other brand's vehicles, there are other brands that have inconsistencies with build quality as well.

One of the most...

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