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Tesla Steering Mode: Comfort, Standard & Sport Differences Explained - Screen Rant

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All recent models of Tesla cars include a steering mode adjustment, providing three choices ranging from easy and comfortable turning to turning that feels most sporty. This is one of the nice perks that come with owning a Tesla, with the ability to make small adjustments that affect the overall experience adding extra value and making driving more enjoyable. An exploration of what these settings mean, how to change them, and which is best for different situations will help anyone that owns or is interested in a Tesla vehicle.

The original Tesla Roadster was a very different car than those that followed it. Being the first showpiece model and borrowing some design elements of the Lotus Elise, it screamed high-end sports car and came with a price to match, starting at $80,000. As the first vehicle from Tesla, it introduced several concepts and standards that still exist in current models while lacking many of the advanced software capabilities and customizable settings that came with the Model S, 3, X, and Y. For example, the original Roadster came with a physical key rather than a fob or key card. The next-generation Tesla Roadster which will incorporate all of the latest advances is expected to begin production in 2022.

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Most Tesla vehicles have the ability to adjust various settings to better suit the current driver and one of the most important controls allows the force required to turn the steering...

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