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Four tools to check for title changes in the SERPs - Search Engine Land

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These tools let you see whether Google changed your title, the date it changed and what it was changed to.

On August 24, Google confirmed that it changed how it creates titles for search result listings. The confirmation came roughly a week after search professionals began noticing such changes — in the interim (and even after the confirmation), SEOs raised concerns about how these Google-altered titles may affect their traffic.

Unfortunately, title change information isn’t available in Google Search Console or Google Analytics. So, SEOs have turned to third-party tools to see whether their titles are being changed. Below is a list of tools you can use to check for title changes and instructions on how to do so.

Ahrefs. Title changes can be checked in Ahrefs, although it is a manual process. You can check for changes via historical SERPs in Site Explorer > Organic Keywords 2.0.

Since this method shows a list of search results for a given keyword, toggling the “Target only” switch (as shown below), which only shows the snippet from your site, can help you get to the information you’re looking for a bit faster. You can then compare titles by changing dates.

Rank Ranger. The SEO Monitor tool from Rank Ranger is designed to monitor URLs and show you how they perform in Google Search, based on historical data. The data is displayed in a graph that shows ranking changes over time (shown below).

Below the chart is a list of all the changes to the page title and description in...

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