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The mystery of how Pakistan gets away each time - ThePrint

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As the tragedy that is Afghanistan unfolds every day, even those who are politically unaware or invested in the conflict are asking the one obvious question: Why is virtually no one talking seriously of punishing Pakistan? By now everyone, from the student to statesman, knows what is the biggest open secret in the world; that Pakistan armed, supported and sometimes fought alongside the Taliban for 37 years, and before that, it armed another set of actors known as the mujahideen at the behest of the US. The wise scholar will shake their head and point out that it all started in 1974, when Islamabad sent militants across to unseat President Mohammed Daoud Khan. That’s a matter of detail. The big picture is this: Pakistan has caused havoc inside another state, and backs a 60,000 strong proxy army, with nobody saying a word. These questions are not to be wondered at. It’s something even intelligence and strategic analysts have struggled with for years. What follows is an attempt to answer this question, based on logic and a dose of common sense. It’s a nuclear state, stupid The very first possible reason has been suggested by US Senator Lindsey Graham in a recent tweet. Following his meeting with Pakistan Ambassador Asad Majeed Khan, the Senator said that any ‘sustainable solution’ in Afghanistan must include Pakistan, ‘diplospeak’ for saying the Pakistanis are key to the problem. Then he went on to say, “We must all remember Pakistan is a nuclear-armed nation. There is a...

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