Monday, September 20, 2021

Trends behind the Google title tag changes; Monday’s daily brief - Search Engine Land

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Good morning, Marketers, and we need to work on our communication.

I just hopped off a call with the SMX SEO committee and one takeaway I got from the lively conversation we had is that search marketers don’t always get communication right. Whether it’s in the form of setting expectations for clients and stakeholders from the beginning or reporting what’s going on in our campaigns and accounts.

We all know the key to solid communication is knowing your audience and knowing what matters most to them. Your CEO cares about top-level metrics. Your tech team cares about the details and specifications. And your associate cares about how they can best do their jobs.

This conversation had me nodding my head and thinking of PPC expert Amanda Farley’s SMX Advanced session on approaching your audience in a whole new way. And how to craft your communication to actually answer what matters most to each person involved.

Sure, it’s meant for your PPC campaigns, but we could probably learn a thing or two from it about communicating with stakeholders, clients, team members and our bosses, too.

Carolyn Lyden,
Director of Search Content

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