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Keyword Mapping: The Secret Sauce to SEO Refinement - CMSWire

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Keyword research can be a lot like lawn care. Choosing keywords is like mowing the lawn — it's the bare minimum to keep things in good shape. Keyword mapping is where the SEO refinement happens — the edging around the sidewalk, the weed removal, the fertilizing.

Keyword mapping is an on-page SEO tactic to match target keywords to website structure. Using keyword mapping can help improve search strategies to better match customer queries on products and services. The result is a search strategy which reflects how customers really search online.

SEO 101: The Basics on Keyword Mapping

Keyword mapping works by analyzing website pages against query volume on questions and interest rather than broad keyword terms. The page content is then adjusted so that it attracts your customers to the pages where their questions can be answered.

Keyword mapping is becoming more of a standard practice compared to other SEO on-page optimization tactics such as keyword density. Search engines have become better attuned to interpret the phrases and questions people use in queries. Because of the growing emphasis on phrases, old approaches such as a focus on single keywords can lead to site visitors who are not necessarily interested in what you offer. Moreover, your site ranks for the content it shares on its blogs, which are a subdirectory to your site. Thus it is vital to enhance a site with phrases that share the customers' thoughts during a planned digital journey.

Another advantage of...

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