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<p>Multrys is the first and only FDA-Approved multiple trace element injection for neonatal and pediatric patients less than 10 kg.1</p>

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"We are pleased to offer another FDA-approved multiple trace elements injection specifically developed to more closely align with the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN) recommendations for trace element supplementation than previously marketed products.3 This new formulation, which is manufactured in America, has been designed to meet the special needs of the neonatal and pediatric patient population and is part of our overall initiative to retire our line of marketed unapproved trace element products," stated Joann Gioia, Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at American Regent, Inc. "The launch of Multrys demonstrates American Regent's continued commitment to addressing the needs of patients who require trace element supplementation."

This product is available for immediate shipment. Customers can order Multrys through their wholesaler/distributor, or by contacting our Customer Support Group at 1-800-645-1706.

Multrys (trace elements injection 4*, USP) is supplied as follows:


Each mL contains zinc 1,000 mcg, copper 60 mcg, manganese 3 mcg, and selenium 6 mcg

1 mL

Single Dose Vial


Please see the Important Safety Information below. To view the Full Prescribing Information, please click here. For additional...

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