Monday, September 20, 2021

Why Web Pages Disappear from Search Console Reports - Search Engine Journal

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Google’s John Mueller answered a question about why a thousand pages were dropped from a variety of Search Console reports. He explained a wrinkle in how Search Console reports on web pages and what publishers should focus on when evaluating those reports in Search Console.

Pages Steadily Dropping from Search Console Reports

The person asking the question was concerned about why search console was steadily reporting on less and less pages.

When he looked at different reports the search console only showed reports for less and less web pages.

The question asked:

“So we’re seeing a slow decline in mobile friendly pages in the mobile usability report in Search Console.

We’re also seeing …a decline in pages that are in the Core Web Vitals report, and also other enhancements like review snippets and all of this type of stuff.

Over the span of maybe a month or a month and a half there’s about a thousand pages.

I …would like to know …is this a crawling issue potentially? Where should I be looking here?

They’re not coming up as errors or anything.

They’re just simply dropping out of that report.”

What Certain Search Console Reports are Showing

John Mueller offered an explanation of what Search Console is doing to generate these reports and why the amount of...

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