Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Mercedes EQE: Do not call this the Mini-EQS - Tech News Inc

Last updated Sunday, September 5, 2021 23:37 ET , Source: NewsService

EQ family development – It has half the dimensions between the CLS (less than 3 cm) and the E-Class (less than 3 cm), and is the full electrical variant of the latter. At first glance, the new Mercedes EQE may look like the slightly reduced EQS at the Munich Motor Show, through the Star House, measuring 4.95 meters in length, 1.96 in width and 1.51 in height. In fact, there are several points of contact with the “S-Class of Electric”: the same Eva 2 platform, an architecture tentatively designed to support high-battery battery-powered cars, and the same, blurry curve profile, unobstructed muzzle and tail. However, the look is changing, which gives it some hint of sportiness in EQE, with a more aggressive front and slightly higher waist, precisely deviating from the formal elegance that characterizes the low-environmental impact flag of a three-pointed star.

Super Technologica – Mercedes EQE’s superior technology remains unchanged and re-emphasized. A few examples? The chassis, like its suspension system S-Class and EQS, is fitted to the rear steering axle, which, like its older sisters, reduces the turning circle from 19.7 to 12.5 by turning the wheels up to 10. The meter has several technologies on board, where the EQS is available at the same hyperscreen request, with a widescreen that occupies the entire surface of the dashboard, extending up to 1.41 meters. The glass panel has three different displays: the instrument panel, the infotainment and finally, the monitor...

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