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Easy SEO wins for agents: How to beat Google by playing its game - Inman

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For more than a decade, agents have been hoping to outsmart Google’s “black-box” search algorithm. You’ve refreshed your local content. Beefed up your video strategy. At one point, you probably joined Google+ and posted content… and were met with crickets.

Still, the Google algorithm in its entirety remains a mystery. But as local search gains ground with Google Local Pack, it’s critical that agents unlock its secrets.

Here are a few new revelations:

  • Reviews are now the second most important factor to Google’s local search algorithm1.
  • Consumers searching for local businesses consider reviews above all else. The top three conversion factors on Google are a company’s star rankings, review quantity, and the sentiment of their reviews1.

The secret to beating Google, then? It’s all about reviews. Here are three ways you can strengthen your online review strategy and beat Google at its own game.

1. Get your reviews on Google

Make sure you have a plan for getting every one of your reviews on Google. Whether you ask clients to review you directly on the site or use a done-for-you service that flows your past, current, and future reviews to your Google My Business profile, you want Google to be the #1 place you have strong client reviews.

2. Help your reviews gain legitimacy

Consumers are wisening up to scammers, and more than 80%2 of say they’re concerned about trusting fake reviews.

To combat this distrust, businesses can work to ensure their reviews have data, media or other...

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