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Recipe: The only abs we want right now are keb'abs', chukander moongfali kebabs - Hindustan Times

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Call us expert kebab eaters but don't call us when we are eating kebabs and looks like this Monday is just one of those days. Irrespective of whether we are vegetarians or non-vegetarians, the only abs all of us want right now are keb'abs' and this picture of chukander moongfali ke kebabs are making us drool like never before.

The culture of varieties of kebabs can inspire even the kids to don their chef hats and we don't blame them. If there is one food that inspires us to turn experimental chefs in the kitchen, it has to be kebabs and this recipe of chukander moongfali ke kebabs is proof!


Soak chana dal for 1 hour and then boil it till al dente. Grind the chana dal and saute it in a pan till it gives a nice roasted aroma

Boil the beetroot. Peel and mince it in a grinder along with ginger, green chilli and coriander leaves. Add in fried potato and grind further.

Now heat a dollop of ghee in a pan and add the beetroot mixture to it and saute till it gets thicker. Cool the mixture.

Now add crushed farmlite cookies, roasted chana dal, salt, garama masala powder, cornflour and yellow chilli powder to the beetroot mixture.

Shape the beetroot kebabs into gallete form and skewer with a popsickle stick. Coat the shaped kebab with crushed salted peanuts and cook on griddle on a slow flame, basting with ghee.

Serve hot with laccha onion and mint chutney.

(Recipe: ITC Chef Kusha Mathur)


Packed with essential nutrients, beetroots are rich in calcium, iron, vitamins...

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