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The highest-paying entry-level programming job in Pakistan, according to PASHA survey - TechJuice

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It should come as no surprise that Pakistan is making steady progress in the domain of information technology.
Be it the fact that that more and more local startups are benefiting from incredible rounds of investment, or the fact that the country recently crossed the $2 billion mark in terms of IT exports, we are looking towards an IT-dominated future.
Naturally, this means that jobs in the IT sector are not just surging, but they are also becoming more lucrative. Most founders agree that the biggest challenge for IT startups is competing for a limited pool of talent, especially during a time when remote work is on the rise.
So, how costly is it for companies to hire and retain developers and programmers? Thanks to the findings of a recent Pakistan Software House Association (PASHA) salary survey shared by Dawn, we now have a better idea of how much programmers in Pakistan can bag when they embark on their journey.
Average monthly pay
Unsurprisingly, a programmer can reap a pretty decent income on average, at all levels of seniority.
The average monthly salary for an entry-level programmer is PKR 51,344, while a senior developer with over six years of experience in the field can expect to pocket PKR 215,723 per month on average.
If anything, these figures are reflective of the enormous potential for growth in the industry. But, we all know some skills are rewarded more than others. So which tech stack or programming skill is the most lucrative in Pakistan?
The most...

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