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Vlog #136: Dan Sure Gives More On Google Core Updates - Search Engine Roundtable

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This is the second time I interviewed Dan Shure, the first time was in vlog #20, where I went to his office. This time, Dan came to me and we spoke in my office. Dan Shure has been doing SEO consulting for the past 15+ years and has a podcast named Experts on the Wire Podcast. We briefly spoke about what he does and then moved into the topics of interests.

More On Google Core Updates:

Dan Shure said his via on Google Core Updates have not changed in the two years since we last spoke. He said do not call them penalties, that is not the mindset that is helpful. He said with these core updates, it is often important to really see what is being hit on your site, sometimes Google just “slices away” the keywords that don’t really matter too much for the site and the conversions and revenues are not always impacted. Dan said that these core updates are mostly intent focused related. So Google is figuring out what keywords the site is relevant for and not.

Should You Panic Around Core Updates:

I personally have an issue with people telling others not to panic about being hit by a Google core update. But Dan said the only way to fix a core update issue is not to panic and to remain calm and fix the issues over time. Truth is, panicking doesn’t help you fix your Google SEO issues.

Learn more about Dan Shure at Evolving SEO.

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