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Google's retail guide for bouncing back in 2021 - The Drum

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Vertical Leap on the trends currently dominating retail, with tips on how to navigate the crisis most effectively

The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the retail industry more than any event in recent history, and it also accelerated the drive toward online shopping. According to data from Google, retail searches grew at a rate over three times higher in Q4 2020 than the previous year.

To help businesses bounce back in 2021, Google has published a guide for retailers filled with information to help brands take advantage of the digital transition. Here’s a summary of the key points and what you can do to end the year on a high.

Reach customers as they browse

Research from Google and Ipsos finds that “81% of consumers in surveyed countries across the globe say they’ve discovered new brands online during Covid-19”, and sales figures across different categories show that consumer intent is as high as ever, even if priorities have changed.

Connect and inspire action with video

Google says: “YouTube has evolved from a singular entertainment destination to a place where people come to learn, stream and inspire their next purchase.” Travel inspiration, product reviews, unboxing videos and influencer content are among the most popular videos on YouTube, with people actively turning to the platform to inform purchase decisions.

“When watching videos, customers can shift from passive browsing to active shopping when they come across a product that interests them and motivates them to...

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