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Is No-Click Search a Cause for Concern? - CMSWire

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If an online search doesn't result in a click, did the search ever happen? Search engine optimization is a primary area of focus for digital marketers. So what happens when a person searches for a product or service and finds the information they need in the search results? A debate around if no-click or zero-click search behavior exists has fueled business speculation around the value of referral traffic from search engines.

A Brief Introduction to the No-Click Search Debate

In 2019, SEO expert, Moz founder and current co-founder of SparkToro Rand Fishkin published a piece on Jumpshot identifying no-click search as an increasing trend in Google US search volume. Fishkin coined the term no-click search — also called zero-click search — to describe the phenomena when a person searches for a desired product or service, yet does not click through to the SERP results to the website providing the answer. In web analytics terms, it results in no referral traffic from the search.

SEO experts know result enhancements such as feature snippets are helping people find the information they want on the first search engine result page. These enhancements provide additional relevant information to — in theory — entice users to visit a site. For example, feature snippets often include questions with answers based on text from the page header, tags and content.

Instead of luring people to click through results, however, the features are suspected of being a deterrent, eliminating referral...

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