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President for making progress in technology - Profit by Pakistan Today

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ISLAMABAD: There is a need for market-based knowledge in the engineering sector so that the country could progress in different technological fields, stated President Dr Arif Alvi.
Addressing the inaugural ceremony for the governing body of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) on Monday, he termed the linkage between universities and industries crucial to enable the country to prosper.
He called for encouraging differently-abled people to gain access to the technical faculties.
“The environment of the country has changed massively and women must grab emerging opportunities in the technological and engineering fields,” he said. “The engineering sector has undergone a drastic change, providing vast opportunities in defence capabilities, IT, robotics, agriculture and construction.”
He underlined that the world witnessed a shift from the brick-and-mortar model to the use of intellectual decisions and capabilities.
Citing that skill development was vital for market-based jobs, Alvi stressed the need for supporting the untapped segments of society in this regard to enable them to earn modest livelihoods.
The president pointed out that a massive chunk of university-trained engineers went abroad in the past due to a lack of opportunities and infrastructure in Pakistan.
He emphasised the need for raising the standard of technological and engineering education in universities to meet the latest requirements.
The president talked about attaching high hopes with the engineers and asked...

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