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Sally Scalera: Keep palms healthy and beautiful with proper nutrition and pruning - Florida Today

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Palms are popular in Brevard, but non-native palms tend to suffer from nutritional deficiencies here in Florida because of our nutrient-poor sandy soils.

Many landscapes contain palms with fronds exhibiting various amounts of yellow, brown, and green tissue. On the other hand, a healthy palm will produce deep green fronds which turn brown only when they are being shed.

If you have palms in your landscape, here is information that will help you to keep them healthy.

Never use turf fertilizer within 50 feet of any palm

Your palms would be better off with no fertilizer than a turf fertilizer. That is because synthetic turf fertilizers should contain at least 50% slow-release nitrogen (to comply with the fertilizer ordinances that have been adopted throughout Brevard County sfyl.ifas.ufl.edu/brevard/lawn-and-garden/fertilizer-ordinances), but the potassium and magnesium sources are quick-release.

The slow-release nitrogen will continue to be released over a longer period, promoting new growth, but the potassium and magnesium will no longer be available, which could lead to deficiencies of one or both macronutrients.

Nutritional deficiencies are visible in palm fronds

New growth will display manganese and boron deficiencies and older fronds will exhibit potassium and magnesium deficiencies. The most common deficiency in palms is potassium, and the initial sign is translucent yellow spots that are evident when the frond is backlit by the sun.

As the deficiency...

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