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The world needs more battery metals, and Euro Manganese can help - Financial Post

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Marco Romero

Our world is going through a profound transformation in personal and commercial transportation. Electric vehicles are rapidly becoming a viable pathway to a greener, less carbon-intensive future.

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During recent months, we have seen major policy announcements from the European Union and the United States. These policies are designed to accelerate the world’s transition to e-mobility and to develop sustainable battery and battery raw materials supply chains. Over the last year, manganese has emerged as one of the most promising battery raw materials. It offers the potential to make electric vehicles more affordable.

Major industry players, including Volkswagen, Stellantis, Tesla and BASF, have committed to using manganese. Meanwhile, major battery grade manganese market deficits are appearing on the horizon, as the gap between global supply and demand widens. Euro Manganese is well positioned to benefit from this momentum.

Our battery grade manganese products will be made by recycling waste in the Czech Republic, in the heart of Europe. We stand to help the EU achieve its green goals and to become a valuable element of Europe’s emerging battery value chain.

Euro Manganese’s high-purity manganese products are designed to deliver a unique environmental, social and economic benefits to local communities, the environment and our customers.


Euro Manganese Inc. (TSXV/ASX: EMN) is a battery materials company...

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