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Top 7 Content Marketing Solutions - Business 2 Community

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Effective content marketing is a central piece of any successful digital marketing strategy. Valuable content can influence consumer behavior. In fact, regular publishing of quality content has become one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness, authority, and trust in the marketplace.

It can be challenging to develop a continuous stream of high-value content that keeps audiences engaged and helps to build your brand. This is why leveraging the right content marketing platform is so essential. There are countless content marketing solutions available that serve a variety of different purposes and the number of options continues to grow each year.

We’ve developed a list of the top 7 content marketing solutions that can help your team produce more high-value content in less time.

Cronycle is an all-in-one insights platform for harvesting, sharing, enriching, and publishing insights. Cronycle’s discovery engine monitors and filters content across 80,000+ topics using both artificial intelligence and a network of experts which not only helps cut through the noise and surface the top 2% of relevant, high-value content you need but also ensures you don’t miss out on important insights from new and emerging voices.

Cronycle was designed and built specifically to enable teams to collaborate and work together to contextualize and make sense of curated content. With its built-in newsletter feature and numerous publishing integrations, you can easily push content out to...

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