Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Will Google Ever Fix the Big Brand Ranking Advantage of More Backlinks? - Search Engine Journal

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Backlinks are a significant ranking factor because of implicit authority signals.

But… doesn’t this mean that the top search results will eventually be the sole domain of big brands that can afford to invest in high-end content and backlink strategies?

For consumers, the monopolization of the SERPs by powerful brands surely can’t be a good thing.

It’s certainly not a good thing for less powerful brands with great services, great content, and great value propositions, to be sidelined because they have no backlinks leverage.

Today’s Ask an SEO question comes from Andrew, from social. Andrew asks:

“So, will we see a day when Google gets beyond backlinks as such a key ranking factor and looks at the true value offered by smaller brands?”

For years, SEO professionals have complained that big brands seem to be favored by Google in the organic search results.

The reality is that brands are favored, but not because of any implicit bias by the search engine.

The author of this question hits the nail on the head.

Brands are favored because as established names in their field, they are much more likely to attract a number of quality links to point at their sites.

Established Brands are… Well, Established

Big brands get more links because they are big brands.


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