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10 Unique & Free Keyword Research Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed - Search Engine Journal

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When it comes to SEO, keyword research is an important foundational step.

It’s easy enough to dismiss keyword research in favor of the more generalized “write great content” strategy.

The fallacy with this approach is that “great content” doesn’t differentiate between people at different stages of the buyer’s journey.

Keywords do.

You need to know what people search for and how they search.

For example, one of the initial stages in the buyer’s journey involves seeking information. People type queries into a search engine that may include phrases such as [how to], [ways to], and [guide].

The specific use of keywords changes the closer a person gets to buying (or converting).

For example, keywords that include [where to buy], [discount], and [sale] indicate a searcher who’s no longer in the consideration stage – they’re ready to buy now.

Because it comes from the world’s largest search engine, the Google Ads Keyword Planner tool tends to be the first one people think of for doing keyword research.

However, Google limits the amount of useful keyword data it gives away. It isn’t specific enough to take strategic action.

Furthermore, this keyword data is in many ways irrelevant for ranking in relevant organic search – it refers specifically to paid ads...

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