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Modestas Mankus Gives 6 Tips for Companies Looking to Grow their Websites - Business MattersBusiness Matters

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Constant website growth is vital for the long-term success of any online business, says Lithuanian entrepreneur Modestas Mankus.

With so many businesses going online, especially since COVID-19 devastated so many physical stores, the need for a quality website has become more critical than ever. To give some advice on website growth Modestas Mankus, the founder of Talks Media Group who operate Our Culture and Vlogging.co.uk, revealed his top five tips for businesses looking to grow their website.

Your Content Is King

Develop a strategy for the content that surrounds your niche and then push it as much as possible. Quality is not enough when it comes to content. Quantity is just as significant. Writing a blog isn’t optional anymore. Small, medium and even big businesses should utilise written content to bring in sales and leads.

Clear & Persuasive Call to Action

Your call to action should be straightforward but not dull. For example, ‘Subscribe’ is fine, but if you give away a free trial, ‘Try for free’ might be more appealing than ‘Grab a free trial’. The call to action must be inviting and support the text surrounding, guiding the visitor to convert.

Optimise For Mobile

Even in 2021, it is astounding to think that so many web pages are poorly optimised for mobile phones. Having non-existent menus or fonts that scroll out of the screen is one way to drive potential customers away. Test your website from different devices, check for harmful code and markup language....

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