Monday, September 20, 2021

New Taliban Leaders Face Cascading Challenges - The New York Times

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KABUL, Afghanistan — Only one day after the Taliban named an acting cabinet to lead the nation they spent two decades trying to conquer, the dizzying challenges that accompanied victory were coming into sharp relief Wednesday.
Tensions flared with neighboring Pakistan. Afghanistan’s longstanding humanitarian crisis deepened. And the militants’ brutal crackdown on dissent threatened to further erode public trust.
The Taliban, who witnesses say crushed several small protests around the country on Wednesday, have been rounding up scores of demonstrators and subjecting them to abuse in overcrowded jails, according to journalists who were present. The repression followed a Taliban announcement Tuesday that protests would not be allowed without government approval.
Several Afghan journalists said they had been arrested and beaten in custody while covering a protest Wednesday in front of a police station in Kabul — one of the first accounts of journalists being abused since the Taliban came into power.
Nemat, a videographer for Etilaat-e Roz, a local newspaper, said that he and his colleagues had just arrived in the street where several dozen women were gathered with placards and a loudspeaker when Taliban militants from the police station seized his camera and arrested him.
“I told them I was a journalist and showed them my ID card, but they accused me of organizing the protests,” Nemat said. “They took me into a room, tied my hands with a scarf and started beating me with a...

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