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6 Reasons Your SEO Agency Is Losing Clients & What To Do About It - Search Engine Journal

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Acquiring new clients is no picnic. SEO agencies invest plenty of time and resources to sign up new accounts.

Ongoing clients are an agency’s greatest asset. And while some are successful in retaining the majority of their clients, many others struggle to keep good clients on board.

Oft-cited research from Bain & Company shows that improving client retention by just 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.

Keeping your current clients happy is essential for your profitability and growth.

If boosing retention is on your agenda, consider these six common reasons SEO agencies lose clients and learn what to do about each one below.

1. Misaligned Expectations

One of the main reasons SEO agencies lose clients is a failure to set realistic expectations right from the start.

Mark-Williams Cooke, Director at Candour & Founder of AlsoAsked.com, explains:

“Having worked at several agencies, I think the root cause of most client loss is incorrectly setting expectations at the start. This happens for a variety of reasons, ranging from sales teams making promises on performance to not challenging unreasonable targets that the client sets.

Those honest conversations mean you win or proceed with slightly fewer pitches, but it’s the best long-term strategy in my...

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