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A Look at Google's 2021 Link Spam Update - Business 2 Community

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At the end of July 2021, Google began rolling out a hefty link spam update attempting to make its algorithms more effective at identifying and nullifying link spam. The update took about four weeks to roll out, fully completing at the end of August.

If you’ve noticed a recent shakeup in your site traffic or search rankings, it’s possible that this update may be the cause.

What does the latest update entail and how can you ensure your site is up to par with Google’s new link guidelines? Keep reading to find out.

What is Link Spam?

Link spamming is the practice of embedding links into your site to increase the number of backlinks to a specific page regardless of link or page quality or context. The goal, of course, is to give the page an extra SEO boost so it ranks better in the SERPs.

Some common forms of link spam include:

  • Spam Posting: When a black-hat link builder posts single links in public forums, comment sections, or guest books regardless of context.
  • Hidden Links: Placing hidden links in posts that only bots can see.
  • Link Farms: When a group of site owners agrees to continuously link to each other for the sole purpose of increasing their SEO rankings.
  • Single Post Blog: Adding multiple random links to one blog post in hopes of improving backlink profile.
  • Directory Spam: Registering your site across thousands of RDF Site Summary (RSS) pages or blog feed directories with link manipulation in mind.

An Overview of Google’s Link Spam Update

Though each of these...

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