Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Bots account for 8% of organic search traffic and 37% of direct traffic: Cheq report | Advertising - Campaign Asia

Last updated Friday, September 10, 2021 01:44 ET , Source: NewsService

Search engines are one of the biggest customer acquisition channels, but a Cheq report has identified a prevalence of bot traffic in organic and direct traffic that is leading to wasted spend and missed conversion opportunities.

Cheq analysed traffic across its global client portfolio and found that 8% of organic search traffic hitting company sites is from bots and fake users. The proportion of traffic that is bot-driven varies widely by sector—from 3.4% invalid organic search clicks for SaaS solutions to 19% for insurance search-engine optimisation (SEO).

This means businesses spending money on SEO are capturing bot attention, junk leads and fake users alongside real people. Cheq found that eliminating bot traffic can increase SEO conversion rates by up to 20%.

One leading agency found that eliminating invalid clicks for one prominent client caused direct traffic to plummet by 30% while conversion rates increased by 17%—leading to a record quarter for leads and customer acquisition.

Direct traffic has a much higher prevalence of bots; across Cheq's client base 37% of direct traffic was found to be bots and fake users. The higher weighting is due to the fact that most bots want to attack a specific site. Once again, insurance has a much higher proportion of invalid traffic than other sectors Cheq analysed.

Bots also skew marketing analytics. Cheq found that up to 20% of the contacts processed in marketing analytics software are bots and fake users. Since solutions like...

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