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Google Trends Data Reveals UK Search Habits Throughout Lockdown - Business 2 Community

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The 2020s will be analysed for decades to come with the Covid-19 pandemic being one of the biggest global events in peacetime. Everyone has been affected over the past two years but the retail sector is having a particularly difficult time with almost 50 high street stores closing every day, according to the latest UK figures.

Luckily, we don’t need to wait for research companies and historians to lift the lid on what’s going on because search data tells us what consumers are doing in real-time. In this article, we take a look at how Google Trends data reveals the changing consumer habits of consumers in the UK throughout the pandemic (data and images courtesy of Think with Google).

Search data provides real-time insights

Throughout the pandemic, Google has published insights revealing the dramatic shifts in consumer behaviour as government restrictions, infection rates and public attitudes have changed.

Google has live access to the interests, concerns and actions of everyone using search or a Google Account – from UK consumers to the business owners fighting to make it through the most challenging period in decades.

Search data offers the most honest reflection of what’s going on in the mind of consumers and business owners – not based on questions and the retrospective answers people choose to give, but on their actions.

We can look at search data to understand all of the following in real-time:

  1. How people feel
  2. What people know
  3. How people make a living
  4. How people learn...

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