Tuesday, September 21, 2021

TPL Trakker and Dukan.pk Come Together To Serve Pakistan By Facilitating Small Business Owners - TechJuice

Last updated Friday, September 10, 2021 03:26 ET , Source: TopWireNews

TPL Trakker, Pakistan’s leading IoT Company for Tracking, Telematics, Mapping, and Location-Based Services, has recently partnered with Dukan.pk in a bid to optimize the operations of e-commerce platforms in Pakistan.
Dukan.pk is an e-commerce platform that lets anyone with a smart mobile phone open their e-commerce business within 29 seconds. It represents a dynamic shift in how businesses are run in Pakistan.
Recent times have seen a surge in online business with new e-commerce platforms launching their operations to facilitate people for their daily shopping needs from the comfort of their homes. To leverage this growing demand for e-commerce platforms, Dukan.pk, offers sellers and entrepreneurs an easy option to open an online store in just a few steps. This initiative will inspire, educate, and connect the growing community of emerging e-commerce entrepreneurs.
TPL Trakker’s Location Based Services (LBS) will ensure that Dukan.pk has complete local knowledge of Pakistan maps thanks to its largest dataset covering 400 cities, over 5 million geocoded addresses, and 600,000 kilometers of the road network.
Dukan sellers & buyers will be able to share locations with updated information that international location-based service providers fail to give. Such collaboration between two Pakistani companies will ultimately give a boost to the inception of small businesses in Pakistan, leading to an enhanced economy of the country.
Small businesses are the backbone of Pakistan...

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