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YouTube is not just for gamers and casual streaming. Did you know that this video streaming network is the second most visited website on the internet? YouTube has over 1.9 billion active monthly users.

You read that right. 1.9 billion active monthly users are on YouTube. Therefore, mastering YouTube marketing is vital to digital marketers.

How can you get the most out of YouTube’s fast-growing and evolving social media network? Paid advertising is one way to get your channel(s) noticed, but that is not the only way.

Here are a few intelligent tactics you can use to optimize your YouTube content. Every tip here is easy, effective, efficient, and 100 percent free to use.

  1. Using Keywords Properly

The best way to utilize SEO for YouTube is to understand what its users are looking for.

People search Google, as well as YouTube for videos and Google, prioritizes video over all other types of content in searches.

It is essential to find the right keywords for your YouTube content. Resources like Google Ads Keyword Planner make this an easier process for you. Select keywords that match your content and prioritize your videos.

A quick tip: Tweaking your keyword with added phrases like “tutorial” or “how to” help you find ideal keywords.

  1. Utilize Your Profile

One mistake some YouTubers make is skipping over the profile section of their channel and videos. Compelling profiles boost SEO and are an efficient way to promote your YouTube channel.

Profile best practices include these...

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