Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Expert underscores need for transforming country into a 'tech-savvy' state - Business Recorder

Last updated Sunday, September 12, 2021 20:46 ET , Source: TopWireNews

KARACHI: A Pakistan expert on artificial intelligence engineering, Dr Masood Mehmood Khan, has said that it is necessary to build Pakistan as a technology-savvy and artificial intelligence-ready nation to meet the future challenges.
Masood Mehmood Khan, a fellow of Higher Education Academy (UK) presently working with the faculty of science and engineering at Curtin University in Perth, Australia said that artificial intelligence is an unprecedented form of revolution. It has changed and will continue to change the way we think, work, live and interact with the world around. It is taking over local, national and international businesses. It has changed streets, towns, cities, and countries. It has changed the modes and modalities of interactions between nations, groups, families and individuals, he said.
He said no other revolution was so deep, so rapid and so radical. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution is gradually making everyone realizes it's a new world and we now live in the AI age. He said Pakistan cannot stay outside this new world and needs to get ready for it.
Dr Khan said it seems tragic to see how a general lack of understanding of AI is damaging the less and underdeveloped societies all around the globe. In many continents, policymakers are not fully aware of the implications and intricacies of AI-supported applications. People in developing and even in some so-called developed countries do not see how AI can affect their personal, social, financial and...

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