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Here"s what you need to know about investing in manganese - Proactive Investors Australia

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The battery metal has garnered increased attention in recent years, but what’s behind its meteoric rise?

It’s the battery metal no one used to know about, but when Elon Musk touted manganese’s properties at Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)’s 2020 Battery Day, everything changed.

Manganese has myriad implications, but it has recently been propelled to fame because of its implications for the burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) industry.

That’s because the strategic metal could change the game when it comes to manufacturing batteries that power the vehicles of the future.

With the rise of leaner, greener transportation poised to fuel demand for the versatile element, it’s no wonder public companies are leaning into manganese production.

So what’s the investment case for this EV metal, and which ASX-listers are determined to become part of the manganese supply chain?

What is manganese?

Categorised by the periodic table symbol ‘Mn’, manganese is a brittle, silvery metal that’s essential to iron and steel production.

As one of earth’s most abundant metals, it’s produced across the globe — everywhere from major producer South Africa to China to our own shores, where around 3 million tonnes are generated every year.

The material has long been used in the steelmaking process, which currently accounts for roughly 90% of annual manganese consumption.

It’s also an essential, low-cost component found in stainless steel.

In recent years, however, manganese has also been considered for a different...

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