Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Google: content-visibility CSS Won't Impact Google Search - Search Engine Roundtable

Last updated Monday, September 13, 2021 07:31 ET , Source: NewsService

Google's John Mueller said that he does not believe that the new content-visibility CSS that modern Chrome browsers support won't impact Google Search. It may impact the speed of your pages, that can impact your core web vitals but outside of that, it should have no significant impact on rankings.

This is despite the Chrome team saying the the new CSS property boosts your rendering performance but still, it should not impact more than your CRuX data, at best. Baruch Labunski asked about if the new Chrome content visibility CSS property has any impact on Google Search and rankings. John Mueller of Google basically said no, not really. It may impact the CRuX data but outside of that, Google doesn’t really get impacted much by it.

Baruch asked at the 6:58 mark into this past Friday's video. He asked "I want to know again not from a ranking factor perspective what is going to happen with the new CSS property that you guys just recently integrated to Chrome browser, so the new CSS property that I can implement to render content better."

Like John, when I was listening to this, I was not sure what Baruch was talking about and John said "I don't know which one you mean." Then Baruch explained it was the content visibility property.

John said "I doubt we do anything with it in search."

Baruch added "because it's it's just basically it's you know it's all about improving load time and so on. So I just wanted to know moving forward how important it's going to be to implement it...

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