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State of SEO Client Insights: Budgets, Traffic & SEO Tactics - Search Engine Journal

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Do you know which tasks your competitors are spending time on for their SEO clients?

You probably have some educated guesses, but actually knowing where others are spending their time helps you avoid any missed opportunities.

Also, knowing the budgets that other agencies are charging their SEO clients can be a useful benchmark to know if you should be charging more (or less).

In this second report from Search Engine Journal’s industry survey report, The State of SEO 2021: Insights, Opportunities & Threats, we share insights from 1,241 of the SEO professionals we surveyed, who worked directly with clients through an agency (875) or as a freelancer (366).

In our client-based cohort, 51% worked in B2B, 41% were B2C and 8% fell into a non-specific ‘other’ category.

Keep reading to find out:

  • The most common SEO budget range.
  • The difference between freelance and agency budgets.
  • How SEO practitioners apply their time to tasks.

What is the Most Common Monthly SEO Budget?

Setting a client budget usually consists of indicating the tasks required and breaking down the number of hours required to get results.

Aside from the careful measure of how long a task will take, there is always a degree of guesstimation to cover contingencies and to set your level as an agency.

Getting pricing right is something that is constantly in flux. Being reactive to the market and our competitors is key.

In the State of SEO survey, we learned that the most commonly reported monthly SEO client...

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