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Top 12 Most Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid - Search Engine Journal

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Are you ready to stop taking one step back for every two steps forward when it comes to your content marketing strategy?

That’s essentially what you’re doing when you fall into these common pitfalls and make simple marketing mistakes. You’re sabotaging yourself.

There are plenty of challenges already – we don’t need to further hinder our own progress.

The pandemic turned the marketing world on its head and sent marketers scrambling, but it also opened new opportunities in the world of content marketing.

Google search traffic took a massive leap from a pre-pandemic average of 3.6 billion searches per day to more than 6 billion daily after March 2020. And that trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down yet.

Are you successfully tapping into that surge of organic traffic?

Or are you stuck in outdated marketing methods that are taking a toll on your goals?

12 Easy Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Pre-pandemic, content marketing was already seeing a revolution as more and more creators began to realize the benefits and ROI.

Evolving Google search algorithms and SEO guidelines, new technology, and social media have been driving content marketing over the last several years.

But the pandemic shone a spotlight on just how valuable an asset organic search traffic really is.


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