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Vlog #137: Dan Sure On Using Buy Guides For SEO - Search Engine Roundtable

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In part one with Dan Shure we followed up on his previous advice around Google core updates and what you can do to improve your site after a core update. In part two, we talk about using buyer guides in your SEO strategy.

Buy Guides For SEO Content:

Dan Shure you can have a lot of success with creating buyer guides, which is a mid to low funnel piece of content. A buyer guide is somewhere in-between the category page or blog post and a product page. The buyer guide is very transactional in nature. The buyer guides sometimes outrank more than he would expect. He said to his early surprise, the buyer guides would rank for the bottom funnel keywords. You need to find the space where you fit your guide between the Wire Cutters of the world and your category page, Dan explained.

Despite Google trying to declutter the search results with less results from the same domain, if your pages serve different intents, and you have a category page, a blog post and a buyers guide, Google might show all three for the same keyword phrase in the same search results.

How To Construct Buyer Guides:

Buyer guide pages are constructed with content, link to product categories, your top products and also have product widgets on the page. They are a hybrid between product and category pages he said. This is not just for products but also for services.

The buyer guides tend to rank for buy related keywords and then the category pages rank for for sale keywords without them having to change anything....

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