Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Big data prospects and challenges for Pakistan - The Nation

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Big Data is the term used for representing immense amount of data sets containing huge, much diverse, having both structured and unstructured data that is so huge and problematic to process by using customary techniques and software methods, and have problems of storage, analyzing, evaluating and envisioning for more processes or results, The most prominent attributes of Big Data are referred as 3 Vs i.e. Volume (Amount of Data), Variety (Type or format of Data) and Velocity (Speed or Rate of Data Processing or Generation).
Computers and the Internet certainly aid big data by lowering the cost of collecting, storing, processing, and sharing information. But at its heart, big data is only the latest step in humanity’s quest to understand and quantify the world.Over the years new technologies have pave the way for what experts say ‘datafication’. This includes rendering of data in new aspects such as datafication of land using GPS, friendships, likes and sentiments are also being datafied via social networking platforms.Technological advancements has made it possible to collect all data instead of previous practice of collecting samples. Store this data irrespective of its amount and process huge data swiftly.
Pakistan is the fifth largest populated country with population of over 2200 million people.The literacy rate of country is 60%. Over the years country has witnessed enormous digitalization. There are 173.2 million mobile connections in the country which is 77.7% of...

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