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Cloudflare is about to make millions of web pages a whole lot faster - TechRadar

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Cloudflare has announced that its customers will now be able to generate Signed Exchanges (SXG) for Google Search with just one click.

For those unfamiliar, Signed Exchanges is a new open web platform specification developed by Google to allow a cached version of a website to be verified much more quickly. This means that third parties such as Google from its search results page or news aggregators linking out to other sites will be able to deliver webpages even faster.

Website owners will see their sites load faster when linked to from a site supporting SXG but since many search engines use page load times in order to determine search results, they'll also see a nice SEO boost as well.

Signed Exchanges

A Signed Exchange makes it possible to authenticate the origin of a resource, independent of how it was delivered according to a new blog post from Cloudflare. Through this decoupling, a variety of use cases such as prefetching, offline internet experiences and service from third-party caches are all advanced in a secure and privacy-preserving manner.

One of the best aspects of Signed Exchanges is that they make content portable as content delivered via an SXG can easily be distributed by third parties while maintaining full assurance and attribution of its...

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