Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Rantizo offers drone training, application services for crop acres - Agri News

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DECATUR, Ill. — Rantizo provides a turnkey opportunity for those interested in developing a drone business for applying products to crop acres.

“We make jumping into drone custom application a quick process,” said Ben Etsinger, sales manager for Rantizo.

“In two weeks time, we can get a drone in your hands and fly with you so you’re comfortable with our training in Iowa City, Iowa,” Etsinger said from the Rantizo booth at the Farm Progress Show. “We will give you tips and tricks when it comes to safety and operational efficiency and you can take an assembled drone home to start offering services in your area.”

There are three licenses to fly a drone, whether a person is flying the drone on their own crop acres or offering a custom application service to other farmers.

“You need a FAA Part 107 drone pilot’s license and in Illinois an Illinois Commercial Aerial Applicator License,” Etsinger said. “Both of these you can get pretty easily as an individual.”

In addition, a drone pilot needs a FAA Part 137.

“A Part 107 allows you to fly a drone for commercial use below the 55-pound weight limit, but as soon as you want to spray, you need a Part 137 which is the same license required for the airplane and helicopter industry,” Etsinger said.

“It’s quite a process and it takes at minimum six months and likely eight to 12 months, but you can come to Rantizo for two weeks of training and fly under our umbrella for the FAA Part 137.”

Rantizo now has 50 licensed contractors that are...

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