Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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Press Release: Lime Digital

Never trust a skinny chef. This simple sentiment rings true in a wide variety of industries and is particularly true in the digital marketing space. The industry is riddled with smoke and mirrors designed specifically to obscure results to try and squeeze hard earned dollars out of the pockets of clients. Agencies often use their knowledge in the online space as a crutch to communicate to clients in a manner that seems to express expertise, but really is a means of skewing deliverables.

Lime Digital chooses to go against the grain, providing expertise in digital marketing while maintaining transparent communication. The agency has no need to get its clients tangled up in the analytics because it has a track record that speaks for itself. As a new boutique agency, The marketing agency has already checked off a giant milestone in a small amount of time as it continues to break new ground in its slice of the digital marketing industry pie.

The proof of the pudding is in the tasting, and Lime Digital has put its money where its mouth is - ranking first in Google search, for “digital marketing agency”, the gold standard in digital marketing deliverables that all clients are looking for when partnering with an agency.

If you type in “digital marketing agency” into google search today, you'll find Lime Digital sitting as the first result.The agency can do this for your business too, and is offering a 10% discount to all new businesses that sign up...

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